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Pressure Products
PTM303 Pressure Senseor
The pressure sensitive core of PTM303 economic pressure transmitter adopts diffused silicon core, and the special integrated circuit inside converts the sensor millivolt signal into standard current signal, which can be directly connected with computer interface card, control instrument, intelligent instrument or PLC, etc.
TP110 compact temperature transmitter
The TP110 compact temperature transmitter uses the resistance of platinum resistance to change with temperature and shows a certain functional relationship to measure the temperature of the measured medium. The product is composed of temperature sensor, compensation circuit and conversion circuit. It has the advantages of stable performance, high sensitivity and strong reliability.
PTM300G Pressure Sensor
PTM300G high temperature pressure transmitter selects the pressure sensor with high temperature resistance as the signal measuring element. The pressure of the measured medium is transferred to the sensor through the heat dissipation structure on the transmitter. The high-precision signal processing circuit is located in the stainless steel shell, and the output signal of the sensor is converted into the standard output signal.
PTM300G high temperature pressure transmitter
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