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Industrial pump application

Pumps are the equipment in most industrial applications, and proper operation is critical to process efficiency. Serious equipment damage can occur if the pump inlet pressure or outlet pressure is not within the designed constraints. In addition, faulty pumps can also cause maintenance downtime, even emergency shutdowns of production.


The BNPTM Series Pressure Transmitter can be used to monitor pump inlet and outlet pressures. With a measuring range of 0-0.2 bar to 0-1000 bar, these transmitters are ideal for all sizes and pumps. The continuous output of the pressure transmitter can be used to trigger an alarm if the pressure exceeds or falls below normal operating conditions. In addition, by monitoring pressure, plant personnel can use the collected data to better determine and determine changes in pump performance.

When the pump is inhaled, if a pressure loss is found, this indicates that the process medium has not reached the suction port of the pump. On the other hand, if the pressure can be monitored while the pump is inhaling, and the pressure loss at the pump discharge port indicates that the pump has failed. If any transmitter detects a pressure loss, it indicates that the process media is missing on the corresponding side of the pump. Similarly, an increase in pressure indicates a problem with the pump or process media.

Data collected from the two transmitters can be reviewed by factory personnel to assess pump performance and determine if measures are needed to increase pump efficiency.

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