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Honeywell SCT Series Wall Mount Environmental Transmitter

The Honeywell SCT Series Wall Mount Environmental Transmitter is the ideal environmental solution for indoor applications. For example, building automation systems and HVAC in residential and office buildings Adjust the system and so on. The SCT series uses Honeywell's Humidlcon environmental sensors to accurately and reliably measure humidity and temperature in the area for increased user comfort. degree. The SCT Series Environmental Transmitters offer a variety of options and features, such as an optional, easy-to-read LCD display for ambient temperature, relative humidity or dew point. Temperature and humidity

The standard output signal is 4mA to 20mA or 0V to 10V. The humidity output signal can also be configured with a 10K0 or 20k0 negative temperature coefficient thermistor, or configured PT1000 type sensor.

Product advantages:

1、High precision

+4% RH (10% RH_ to 90% RH at 25 ° C), +5% RH (10% RH to 90% RH at -5 ° C to 50 ° C)

Reduce elimination of potential transmitter calibration costs at the user end and achieve optimal system accuracy and uptime

2、 Excellent long-term stability

Humidity: typical value is +0.05% RH, maximum drift of five years is +1.2% RH

True temperature compensated digital output reduces the potential transmitter calibration cost at the user end

3、 Enhanced reliability

The environmental sensor components are designed in a multi-layered structure that can withstand most hazardous conditions: dust, dirt, condensate, oil and common environmental chemicals.

Thus higher reliability

4、 Standard humidity output signal: 4mA to 20mA or 0V to 10V

5、 High cost performance

6, two shell colors

7、 0 to 100% RH full scale

8、 Optional

ModelOutput methodPower supplyRangePrecisionInstallation method
SCT series4-20mA/0-10V18-40Vdc/24Vac0-100%RH土4%RH/土5%RHWall-mounted

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