Magnetic Resistence Current Sensor

esigned in accordance with Honeywell's patented technology, the CSN Series Magnetoresistive Current Sensors provide superior sensor performance and high accuracy in current measurement applications. The current sensor uses an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) and a magnetoresistive (MR) Honeywell magnetic sensor with extremely low temperature drift, so the measurement results are stable, repeatable and highly accurate. The sensor operates from a +5 volt unipolar supply with an internal voltage reference of 2.5 volts, which is very easy to obtain. The sensor can operate from either an internal reference or an external reference, allowing one reference voltage to be applied to multiple sensors simultaneously without offset imbalance. Three pairs of primary pins allow the sensor to be configured for various ranges. The current output signal uses different load resistors depending on the application. The sensor offers great flexibility and excellent performance to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. Features:

1. Bias voltage temperature drift is very low

2. Unipolar power supply

3. Overall accuracy is extremely high in the temperature range from minus 40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius

4. Customers are easy to get the reference voltage

5. Gain can be adjusted by the user

6. Self calibration

7. Can be assembled automatically

8. Current signal output

ModelCurrent range/ASupply   voltage/VDC±5%Coil numberCoil resistanceRated measuring   currentMeasuring   resistance
CSN series0至~±565200050Ω at 70°C12.5mA for 25A30Ω   to 80Ω at ±25A
   30Ω to 31Ω at ±40A

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