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Recruitment for Channel

Banning (Nanjing) Sensing Technology Co., Ltd., is one of the most dedicated hi-tech sensors company which have full function for trading, producing, developing, and customization. Banning has gathered all related local talents and experts on automation, electronics, mechanical and production development. All office employees are above college degree and use international high level standard management system and 6 sigmaquality system.

     Banning is born based on USA top 1 sensor company with her technology and management standard,joined with experienced engineers and management expert who had served in MNC company for years. Thus, they developed all kinds of new pressure sensors, pressure transmitter, liquid level sensor, flow sensor, switches, meters, current sensor, proximity sensor etc.

With many years efforts, Banning has already become one of the key local suppliers for industry automation application. Our pressure transmitter could reach below 0.03%FP accuracy. It can be widely used in oil and petroleum, nature gas, electricity power, chemical, metal, building, food, space, water and urban applications. We serve all country wide customers, and some products well popular exported in Japan, Korea and SEA regions.

     Now we are very pleased to recruit channel sales, online and underline, and export oversea partners to expand our geographical coverage. We will product our passion for good service, high end quality, and cost performance product, continuously training and support to our channel partner and our end customers.

     We Want You!

     We Want You to Get Rich!

     Recruitment process:know policy, filling request paper, criteria audit, sign contract, channel recognition, training and promotion.

     Toll Free Phone:86+400 7181 886

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