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Extruders and Extrusion lines

In plastic and rubber extrusion lines, melt pressure sensors play an important role in improving melt quality, improving production safety and protecting production equipment. At the same time, the melt pressure sensor is a sensitive original, and only proper installation and maintenance can make its effect fully exerted.

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   In the extrusion process, some quality standards of the product (such as dimensional accuracy or surface smoothness of holiday mineral filler parts) require control of the extrusion pressure, and the melt pressure sensor is an important component to achieve this requirement. By providing a melt pressure sensor and a pressure control device at the mold inlet connection, the product can be stabilized, and material waste can be reduced.

   In addition, measuring the pressure through the filter and the melt pump is also important to ensure production safety and optimized performance of the equipment. If the melt is blocked when it flows into the mold, the sensor under the filter will give an alarm (available through the meter) to alert the operator. When the sensor on the filter screen gives an alarm, it indicates that the internal pressure of the extruder is too high, which may cause excessive wear on the screw. For the manufacturer of the melt pump, it is necessary to measure the inlet and outlet pressure of the melt medium to ensure that the melt medium can continuously flow into the mold, as any hindrance may cause the melt pump to be blocked.

   Pressure sensors equipped on the extrusion line can measure only one point of pressure or a series of sensors used to measure the entire line. The melt pressure sensor is connected to the data logger and the audible alarm device, and the processing parameters of the extruder can be adjusted by the processing control system.

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