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Company profile

Banning (Nanjing) Sensing Technology Co., Ltd., located in the core area of pukou new district. Banning is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, manufacture and trade of sensor products. A group of excellent domestic technical experts who are excellent in automation, electronic, machinery, computer and many other fields is gathered here. All staffs have college degree or above, using the international first-class management standard and 6 sigma quality system. Main products are pressure, liquid level, flow, current, switches, etc. Company's customers are throughout the country, some products have been exported to Japan, South Korean, Southeast Asia and other countries.

       Company since its birth is based on the famous American sensor technologies and management standards joined with senior engineers and managers who have many years’experience in multinational national company, and quickly developed a variety of pressure sensor transmitter, liquid level flow meter, pressure switch, digital meter, current sensor, proximity switch, etc. After years of unremitting effort, it has become one of the leading suppliers of domestic automation industry, and pressure transmitters can reach more than three ten thousandths of accuracy. Products have been widely used in petroleum, natural gas, electricity, chemical engineering, metallurgy, building materials, food, light industry, environmental protection, aerospace, tap water, municipal administration and other industries.

       Since its establishment, the company has continuously strengthened its research, development and management ability, now a complete process and system which can undertake various products consulting, customized services, OEM production, sensitive components and export trade has been has been formed. Every inquiry and negotiation from new and old customers are welcome. We are willing to discuss the digitization, materialization, MEMS, energy saving and other interesting topics of sensor with our peers, jointly lead and promote the development of the whole industry to a high-end direction

      Banning at the beginning of the business, in line with the vision of "BANNING SENSOR.YOUR SENSOR " to lead the high-end development of the sensor industry which adopts world-class NPI product development process and 6 sigma quality management system strive, adheres to "people-oriented continuous innovation" to achieve the harmonious development of people, enterprises and society, insists the "value of customer care" oriented to customer service. We will commit to providing new and old customers with professional and comprehensive sensor solutions and products.


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