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Hall Effect Rotating Position Sensor

Honeywell RTY series hall effect rotary position sensors provide angular monitoring in harsh transportation and industrial applications, and offer competitive pricing.Hall effect rotary position sensor USES hall effect integrated circuit (IC) with magnetic bias to detect the rotation motion of the drive shaft within the working range.The rotation of the actuator shaft changes the position of the magnet relative to the IC, resulting in a change in flux density that is eventually converted to a linear voltage output.Induction chips, signal conditioning and protection circuits, and permanent magnets are sealed in rugged IP67 grade packages, ensuring excellent durability in the harshest environments.

Eight working ranges (50°, 60°, 70°, 90°, 120°, 180°, 270° and 360°) can withstand certain overranges and can be used in most common applications.The low-voltage and high-voltage versions cover the input voltage range from 4.5v dc to 30v dc.Most applications do not require linkages and brackets.

Advantage in

1. 35 M cycle product life: long service life

2, solid hall effect technology: non-contact operation, long service life, low torque drive, reduce mechanical wear and other advantages

3. Robust IP67 sealed package with integrated connector: it can be used in harsh environment

4. Automobile level EMI/EMC test, covering reverse polarity and short circuit test: avoid installation errors and interference of external frequency

5 industry standard AMP terminals, 32 mm mounting spacing, north American and European pin style, compact package: provides insert replacement

6. Eight kinds of work range up to 360o: high flexibility in applications, able to meet the needs of various customers for different ranges

ModelCurrentOperating   temperature
RTY series20mA MAX -40℃-125℃

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