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BX Series Explosion-proof Limit Switch

Honeywell limit switch in hazardous area is stable and reliable, which can reduce operation and maintenance cost.The design of honeywell limit switch in hazardous area is highly flexible, which can be widely used in many industrial fields such as mud pump, valve positioning, casting block position detection, gate/door monitoring and conveyor.

Advantage in

1. The BX series explosion-proof switches have world-renowned rugged performance and a wide range of options to meet your needs

2. Choose aluminum or stainless steel enclosure in non-corrosive and corrosive environment

3. Designed for the most demanding environment (-40 ℃ to 121℃[-40of to 250OF])

4. Silver contact for switching power load, gold contact for switching low power load

5. Installation modes are interchangeable on the HDLS MICRO SWITCH™ platform

6. Multiple drives and switch combinations are available

7. Optional gold contact for switching low power load

ModelRated voltageOperation   temperaturePackageType
BX series— — -40 ℃~121℃Explosion-proof   packageExplosion-proof limit   switch

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