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Automotive air conditioning compressor

In recent years, with the development of intelligent and electronic vehicles, the demand for sensors in automobiles has become a multi-industry. In the practical application of automotive sensors, automotive pressure sensors are used, mainly in the following types: manifold negative pressure sensors (for automotive electronic ignition advance angle control and fuel injection systems); Diesel internal combustion engine oil pressure sensors; gearboxes Oil pressure sensor; brake oil pressure sensor; shock absorber oil pressure sensor; tire internal pressure sensor.


Air compressors are widely used industrial machines and are used in various factories, road construction, mining and construction industries. They are mainly used to provide a constant flow of compressed air to provide a process flow requiring a certain pressure of gas. Air source, so it is often applied to pressure sensors.

     In the air compressor safety management system, the pressure sensor implements side airbag control. The airbag side airbag is controlled by two methods: an acceleration sensor and a pressure sensor. The data shows that compared with the acceleration sensor, the pressure sensor is nearly three times faster in detecting the side impact speed than the acceleration sensor, and the probability of malfunction is smaller. In industrial air compressors, heavy duty pressure sensors can be used to measure and control inlet and outlet pressures, filter pressure drops, cooling water inlet and outlet pressures, and compressor oil pressure.

     With the introduction of micro-sensors, micro-sensors have the characteristics of small size, low price, easy integration, and can improve system test accuracy. With the development of microelectronics technology and micromachining technology, sensors are developing towards miniaturization, multi-functionality and intelligence. Industry experts are optimistic about the development prospects of air compressor sensors in China.


Product advantages:

Cost-effective, can save 30% cost;

Compact structure, saving a lot of space and meeting the requirements of miniaturization;

Can be mass-produced and suitable for OEM production;

The diaphragm damage rate is low, which improves the practical life of the sensor.

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