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Urban water treatment

With the development of science and technology, hydropower generation, hydrological monitoring, sewage treatment, constant pressure water supply and other industries have higher and higher requirements for timely data feedback and control of on-site liquid level. Liquid level transmitters can be accurate and timely. This function is provided to provide information for the discovery and processing of on-site issues. The product is small and high in accuracy. It has been widely used in industrial sites, urban water supply and sewage treatment, hydrological monitoring and control, River dam and water conservancy construction, navigation and marine systems, instrument and beverage equipment, chemical equipment, and water conservancy and hydropower monitoring. usage of.


Water treatment mainly includes water level monitoring of river water conservancy dam, sewage treatment and drinking water treatment, constant pressure water supply system, etc.

Depending on how the sensor is installed, it can be divided into built-in and external. The built-in type mainly uses liquid level transmitter, and the external type mainly adopts industrial control pressure sensor.

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