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Analysis of the development of domestic ultra-short baselines

We are often asked a question, on the ground, we can use Beidou positioning system, GPS positioning system, etc., then how do we position ourselves underwater? On Earth, water accounts for about 71% of the Earth's surface, and although we humans live mostly on land, we never stop exploring the underwater world.

When we explore the underwater world, we need a set of underwater positioning system, to absolutely know our underwater position, this time underwater positioning "sensor" was born. This sensor system is an underwater acoustic positioning system, which is divided into ultra-short baseline USBL, short baseline SBL and long baseline LBL.

Acoustic positioning system can be divided into three categories: long baseline, short baseline and ultra-short baseline. The baseline is the line between the beacons. For example, if you listen to a sound with one ear, you cannot determine the location of the sound, but if you listen to a sound with both ears, you can accurately identify the location of the sound source. The receiving sensor of the ultra-short baseline is similar to the human ear, and the distance between the two ears is equivalent to the baseline. The beacons of the long baseline system are a few kilometers to tens of kilometers apart, and although it has a higher positioning accuracy, submersibles need to be deployed on the seabed for accurate underwater operations. The short baseline system has a baseline length of several meters to tens of meters. The test of the ultra-short baseline system, receiving sensors only a few tens of centimeters apart, its biggest advantage is easy to install, flexible application.

Nanjing Banning Company as a supplier of ultra-short baseline positioning system equipment, after 15 years of accumulation, we have developed a set of our own system that can be commercialized. The system is already widely used in our oceans and lakes, as well as rivers. In the East China Sea, our ultrashort baseline equipment transmits accurate location information every day. In the Yangtze River Basin, our ultrashort baseline positioning system collects data for fishing teams and fish conservation organizations. In Taihu Lake, our underwater positioning system is guarding our underwater detection equipment every moment.

The domestic ultra-short baseline positioning system will give more consideration to your data security. Domestic high-precision ultra-short baseline sensor suppliers are very few, mainly some universities in the research of these products, according to our understanding, we are the earliest to do domestic high-precision ultra-short baseline sensor enterprises, the current delivery of our ultra-short baseline has more than 100 sets/sets. At present, the global ultra-short baseline market is mainly monopolized by some companies in the United States, the United Kingdom, Norway and other countries, which have a strong demand for underwater detection, so the birth of some underwater acoustic positioning system companies. In recent years, our country's demand for underwater detection has been greatly increased, and it is also in urgent need of a domestic supplier of underwater acoustic positioning system. Under this background, we have transformed the research and development results of scientific research units and mass-produced underwater acoustic positioning system to meet the needs of the domestic market.

Our country's Marine sensors are relatively backward, and the import dependence is more than 70%. I believe that with the deepening of our research on Marine lakes, more technological monopolies will be broken.


1: Our ultra-short positioning system is small in shape, high in positioning accuracy, humanized PC software, has been listed a number of key units;

2: Technically achieved mass production, product stability and high reliability;

3: Fast delivery cycle;

4: Customizable;

5: Real domestic technology, national pride.

6: Solve the ultra-short baseline installation error calibration device and its method

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