GPT series stainless steel pressure sensor

Honeywell GPT series pressure transmitters use piezoresistive sensor technology and signal conditioning integrated circuit (ASIC), and are equipped with stainless steel housing and electrical connection machine.All products are fully calibrated, including temperature compensation in the range of 0 ° c to 70 ° c.

Product features:

1. Completely isolated medium pressure range: 5MPa to 35MPa(absolute pressure and sealing gauge pressure)

2. Output: 0-10vdc, 1vdc-6vdc, 4-20ma or 0.5vdc-4.5vdc

3. Complete calibration and temperature compensation

4. Total error band: ±2.0%FSS, within the range of 0℃ to 70℃

5, insulation resistance: > 100 m Ω, 500 VDC

6. Dielectric strength: 750Vac, 1 min

7, electromagnetic compatibility: heavy industry level

8. The protection grade is up to IP67

9. Response time: < 2ms

10. RoHS, REACH and CE certification

ModelPressure portRangeOutput modeTemperature   compensationPressure   overloadResponse time
GPT seriesMultiple styles5MPa-35MPaVoltage/   current0℃-70℃50MPa MAX<2ms

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