PTM400G Pressure Sensor

PTM400G high temperature pressure transmitter selects the high temperature resistance pressure sensor as the signal measuring element, the pressure of the measured medium is transferred to the sensor through the heat dissipation structure of the transmitter, and the high-precision signal processing circuit is located in the stainless steel shell, converting the sensor output signal into standard output signal.

PTM400G after high temperature and pressure transmitter components, semi-finished and finished products strictly test and aging screening, performance is stable and reliable, applicable to the industrial field, food and medical equipment, power generation, machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacture and ship manufacturing, petrochemical, metallurgical, steam and heat exchange area, and can realize the scene, according to the pressure zero, full range migration and other requirements.


1. High temperature pressure chip

2. With heat exchange plate design, high temperature resistance, applicable medium temperature up to 300℃

3. Strong and well-sealed aluminum junction box, convenient for outdoor installation and use

4. Provide rich pressure range with low, medium and high pressure

5. LCD display is optional

6. The interface between sensor and pressure is of all-welded structure, resistant to impact and vibration

7. Intrinsically safe explosion proof is optional

Electrical parameters

Scale range - 100 kPa...0 ~ 20 kPa...100 MPa
Pressure typeGauge pressure, absolute pressure, sealing pressure
Power supply4~20mA( 18~36V) ;4 ~20mA with display (12~36V) ;1~5V、0~5V、0.5~4.5V、0~10V(12~32V)
Operating temperature-20℃~85℃
Medium temperature-20℃~85℃
Storage temperature-40℃~125℃
Zero temperature drift±1.5%FS(@-20℃~85℃)
Sensitivity temperature drift±1.5%FS(@-20℃~85℃)
Overload pressure150%FS~300%FS
Mechanical vibration20g(20~5000HZ)
Comprehensive accuracy0.5%
Response time≤1ms (up to 90% FS)
Long-term stability±0.2% FS / year
EMC surge(IEC61000-4-5)2kV
EMC static(IEC61000-4-2) Contact discharge 8kV, air discharge 15kV
Protection levelIP65
MaterialShell low copper aluminum alloy;Isolation diaphragm 316L
Medium compatibleCompatible with 316L stainless steel

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