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ClO2 Sensor

Chlorine dioxide is a yellowish-green to orange-yellow non-toxic gas. It is the most stable oxide of chlorine and the only halogen oxide produced in large quantities.As an extremely powerful and effective oxidant, chlorine dioxide is mainly used in the disinfection of tap water and bleaching of flour and wood pulp.Compared with other similar water disinfectants, chlorine dioxide is not only non-toxic, but also highly effective sterilization, long duration, and will not form other toxic substances with organic compounds in the water.Therefore, chlorine dioxide is recognized internationally as a safe and non-toxic green disinfectant.

Chlorine dioxide sensor adopts the principle of three-electrode electrochemical detection. The measured gas diffuses into the sensor, and chemical reaction occurs at the sensor electrode, thus forming an internal current.Since the current is proportional to the concentration of the gas being measured, the concentration of the gas can be obtained by measuring the urine and feces of the current.Compared with the traditional two-electrode electrochemical sensor, the three-electrode chlorine dioxide sensor adds a reference electrode to stabilize the potential of the induction electrode and improve the measuring performance.In addition, the diffusion barrier design of the sensor allows each gas reaching the sensor electrode to fully react and remain electrochemically active.

ModelRangeService lifeResponse timeSensitivityOutputResolution   radio
4ClO2-50 0-50ppm 2   years ≤60s 0.40±0.18μA/ppm Current0.05ppm
4ClO2-1 0-1ppm 2   years ≤60s 0.65±0.3μA/ppm Current0.03ppm
ClO2 3E 1 O 0-1ppm >2   years<120s 600nA/ppm±200nA/ppm Current<0.03ppm

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