PTM380 Pressure Sensor

PTM380 intelligent pressure transmitter is an intelligent pressure measuring product with high accuracy and stability.

It adopts all welded OEM oil filled core body and ADI and combining the special chip microprocessor technology development, has the scene display, data processing, zero, full scale adjustment software, set the parameters of the permanent preservation, 4 ~ 20 ma output and communication functions, such as small volume, high precision, light weight, wide coverage range, suitable for various industries need to precision measurement of fluid pressure.

The product works in two-wire mode, which can directly replace the analog two-wire 4-20 madc output transmitter.


1. RS485 communication interface or HART communication protocol is optional

2. Support networking applications

3. Adopt digital compensation and nonlinear correction technology

4. No moving parts, reliable performance

5. Provide rich pressure range with low, medium and high pressure

6. Excellent on-site interchangeability, can be customized according to customer requirements

Electrical parameters

Scale range-100kPa…0~10kPa…100MPa
Pressure typeGauge pressure, absolute pressure, sealing pressure
Power supply24V、12V
Output signal4~20mA+HART protocol、4~20mA+RS485
Working temperature-20℃~85℃
Medium temperature-20℃~85℃
Storage temperature-40℃~125℃
Zero temperature drift±0.5%FS(@-20℃~85℃)
Sensitivity drift±0.5%FS(@-20℃~85℃)
Pressure overload150%FS
Mechanical vibration20g(20~5000Hz)
Comprehensive accuracy0.5、0.3、0.1 level optional
Insulation resistance200MΩ /250VDC
Response time≤1ms(Rise to 90%FS)
Long-term stability±0.2%FS/year
MaterialShell stainless steel;Isolation diaphragm 316L
Medium compatibleLiquid or gas compatible with 17-4PH stainless steel

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