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BLWP6XXXAV board mount pressure sensor


BLWP6XXXAV is a new type of integrated high precision digital output pressure sensor, with small size, high precision, high reliability. The sensor processing circuit is integrated in the internal noise reduction module to achieve strong anti-interference ability of the sensor performance; At the same time, the sensor integrates the high precision temperature sensor, and adopts the unique algorithm to realize the temperature compensation of the sensor.

This series of pressure sensor adopts LSSOP8 and SSOP8 package two forms, broaden the product application way.

1、Pressure type: Absolute pressure

2、Measuring range: 10~115kPa,15kPa~130kPa,20~250kPa, 20~400kPa , etc(The value ranges from 0~700kPa)

3、Accuracy higher than 1.5%(0~85℃)

4、Integrated analog output pressure sensor

5、High stability

6、Operating temperature: -40~125℃



Supply voltage4.755.05.25Vdc
Minimum pressure offset (1)0.500VCustomizable
Full scale output (2)4.500VCustomizable
Full scale range (3)4.000VCustomizable
Response time (4)130ms@BLWP6XXXAV
Response time0.25ms@BLWP6XXXAV-HF
Voltage rise time (5)202020ms
Output stability (6)-0.250.25%FS
Operating temperature-40+125
Temperature of storage-55+150

If not specified, test conditions are 5V supply voltage and 25℃ ambient temperature


(1) Minimum pressure bias: within the pressure range, the minimum pressure, the corresponding voltage output;

(2) Full scale output: maximum output voltage or output voltage under full scale pressure;

(3) Full scale range: the difference between the output voltage at full scale pressure and the output voltage at minimum pressure;

(4) Response time: the time required for pressure change from 10% to 90% of pressure change when pressure changes;

(5) Voltage rise time: after the pressure is stable, the output voltage of the product reaches the specified output time;

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