IMU attitude sensor

Product Overview:

The BNS family of attitude sensors is a 6-DOF inertial measurement unit consisting of a three-axis accelerometer and a three-axis gyroscope. Through the independent calibration of each module before delivery, combined with the built-in precision compensation and noise reduction algorithm of the module, the characteristics of low zero deviation, low temperature drift, low noise, high accuracy and high sensitivity are realized.

The module has a compatible hardware design and supports two installation modes: on-board installation or independent installation. Installation surface adopts special technology to ensure smoothness.

Product Features:

1. compact structure, small volume, light weight

2. 6-axis measurement data, 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope

3. built-in independent temperature measuring unit

4. Industrial power supply protection design

5. support clock signal output, can cooperate with GPS or integrated into other systems

6. Support full temperature calibration and compensation

7, Angle zero bias instability index 4°/h, can effectively reduce the measurement error


IndexRoll over barAngle of pitchAngle of relative navigationunit
Range of output values±180±180±90±90±180±180°
Resolution of resolution0.°
Accuracy of static state±0.3±0.2±0.3±0.2//°
Error at rest////±0.3±0.1°/h
Cumulative error of rotation////±0.3±0.15°/360°
Product technical parameters
gyroMeasuring range (°/sec)±500±500
Zero deviation repeatability (deg/s)0.0250.015
Zero partial instability (deg/h)3.71.6
Angle random walk0.30.2
Resolution (°/s)0.01750.0175
Acceleration of speedMeasuring range (°/sec)±16±16
Zero deviation repeatability (mg)0.9mg0.6mg
Zero partial instability (mg)0.05mg0.05mg
Angle random walk0.050.04
Resolution (°/s)0.000480.00048
Power consumption<0.5W
Power supply voltage5~28VDC
Data output rate800Hz Max.
AgreementSPI/RS232/RS485/CAN one of four options
Working Environment-40~85℃
Storage Environment-55~125℃
Temperature calibration range-40~85℃
Vibration and shock testImpact: 20g 11ms, half-timeVibration: Random vibration, MIL-STD-810G,RMS:X(6.4g),Y(5.1g), Z(3.3g)

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