YBH stainless steel pressure gauge

The product is made of stainless steel structure, which is used for measuring slightly corrosive gas or liquid media and places where the surrounding environment is also very corrosive.

Product implementation standard :JB/T6804-2006


1、Diaphragm chemical seal

2、Dual range dial

3、Instrument filling liquid (glycerin, glycerin aqueous solution, silicone oil, fluorine oil, etc.)

4、Heat sink (can accommodate higher media temperatures)

5、Pointer type up and down limit device

6、Standard explosion-proof pressure relief hole on the back


Nominal diameter φ100, φ150, φ200, φ250
Accuracy 1.0%, 1.6%, 2.5%,can be customized
Measuring rangeφ40~φ60:-0.1~0~0.1... 60MPaφ100~φ250: -0.1-0~0.06... 250MPaOr other equivalent pressure vacuum range
Overload pressureFull scale * 130%
environment temperature -40℃~70℃
Medium temperature

When the ambient temperature deviates from 20℃±5℃, the indication error of the instrument is not more than 0.04%/℃
Process connectionφ40~φ60: M14X1.5(other optional)φ100~φ250: M20X1.5(other optional)
Pressure sensing element<10MPa Type C tube≥10MPa Spiral pipe
Liquid material316L(Monel optional)
Case material304SS(316L optional)
Instrument glassφ40~φ100 polycarbonate (except φ60) Other flat glass (optional safety glass)
Class of protectionIP54, IP65, and IP66

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