PTM390 Pressure Sensor

PTM390 pressure transmitter is specially designed for air conditioning cooling and water treatment control applications such as booster pumps, air compressors and air conditioning systems. It is also suitable for a variety of other industrial applications, with a wide variety of structures and outputs, providing a wide variety of pressure connections and meeting the requirements of most applications.Compact structure, especially suitable for small space installation.


1. All-welded structure

2. Digital circuit compensation

3. Strong anti-interference and long-term stability.

4. Small diameter, easy to install and use.

5. A variety of pressure methods: absolute pressure, gauge pressure, sealing pressure.

6. A variety of electrical connections

7. All liquid parts in contact with 316L

8. Suitable for mass production

Electrical parameters

Scale range-100kPa…0~35kPa…10MPa
Pressure typeGauge pressure, absolute pressure, sealing pressure
Power supply output4~20mA、0~5V、1~5V、1~6V(9~30VDC)
0.5~4.5V  R/M(5VDC)
Hysteresis and repeatability0.1%FS
Temperature drift1.5%FS(@-20℃~85℃)
Response time<4ms
Burst pressure600%FS(max.30MPa)
Environment temperature-20℃~80℃
Medium temperature-30℃~105℃
Storage temperature-40℃~85℃
EMC interferenceIEC  61000-6-3
EMC immunityIEC  61000-6-2
Insulation resistance≥100MΩ/500VDC(200MΩ/250VDC)
Vibration resistanceSine curve: 20g, 25Hz ~ 2kHz;IEC 60068-2-6
Impact resistanceRandom: 7.5 GRMS, 5Hz ~ 1kHz;IEC 60068-2-64
Impact: 200g/1ms;IEC   60068-2-27
Free fall: 1m;IEC   60068-2-32
MaterialProtection level: depends on electrical connection
Liquid contact: ASTM   S31603 (AISI316L)
Housing: ASTM S30400   (AISI304)
Electrical   connection: PA66
Net weight50g~90g
Six-party sizeExcept for M20×1.5 and g1/2 threads, which are 27mm,   the rest are 22mm
Maximum mounting torque25Nm

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