BNPTM450 Pressure Sensor

BNPTM450 flange flat film pressure transmitter is a flat film product to meet customer's flange installation requirements.The product adopts imported diffused silicon pressure sensitive element, after long-term aging and stability screening, the product performance is stable and reliable.

PCM450 flange flat film pressure transmitter with international standard flange as the interface standard, can realize the user's field flange installation mode.This series of products are widely used in industrial process control, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc.


1. 2088 and 3051 are optional

2. simulation, intelligent optional

3. HART protocol is optional and can be transmitted far

4. Large size diaphragm, all welded seal, long - term reliable and durable

5. Aluminum junction box is firmly sealed and convenient for outdoor use

6. LCD display is optional

7. Especially suitable for high temperature viscous liquid

8. Flange size can be customized according to customer requirements, flexible installation

Electrical parameters

Scale range0~20kPa…10MPa
Pressure typeGauge pressure, absolute pressure
Power supply24V
Output signal4~20mA  、4~20mA+HART protocol
Working temperature-20℃~85℃
Medium temperature-40℃~150℃
Storage temperature-40℃~125℃
Zero temperature drift±2%FS(@-40℃~85℃)
Sensitivity drift±2%FS(@-40℃~85℃)
Pressure overload150%FS
Mechanical vibration20g(20~5000HZ)
Comprehensive accuracy0.5 level
Insulation resistance100MΩ /250VDC
Response time≤1ms(rise to 90%FS)
Long-term stability±0.2%FS/year
Protection gradeIP65
MaterialShell low copper aluminum alloy;Isolation diaphragm   316L
Medium compatibleCompatible with 316L stainless steel

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