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NO Sensor

Nitric oxide is a colorless and odorless toxic gas at room temperature.Because nitric oxide contains free radicals that make it very reactive, it is easily oxidized in air to form the corrosive gas nitrogen dioxide.As a toxic gas, nitric oxide will not only damage human respiratory tract, but also do great harm to the environment, which is one of the main components of air pollution.With the increasing importance of environmental protection in China, nitric oxide sensors will play an important role in emission detection and air quality monitoring.

The no sensor USES an electrochemical method of detection. Unlike traditional electrochemical detection, the product increases the number of internal electrodes of the sensor to 3-4.In order to ensure the performance of the measurement, the electrode material of the sensor is selected carefully to play the role of catalytic reaction.Three electrodes are designed to stabilize the working voltage of the induction electrode.Selective use of filters to separate gases that may interfere with measurements;In addition, to further eliminate cross-interference and temperature-induced baseline drift, a fourth electrode was added to some nitric oxide sensors.The measurement performance of no sensor is guaranteed by the above technologies.

ModelRangeService lifeResponse timeSensitivityWeightOutputResolution   radio Baseline   shift Filter
4NO-2000 N/A+C15:L212   years ≤60s 0.13±0.06μA/ppm 5g Current1ppm -2~20ppm --
4NO-250 0-250ppm 2   years ≤30s 0.40±0.08μA/ppm 5g Current0.5ppm -2~10ppm --
T3NT 0...300ppm 3   years <10s -- 58g 4-20mA   d.c 0.5ppm --
T3NF/F 0...2000ppm 3   years <10s -- 58g 4-20mA   d.C 1ppm -- SO2
NX1 0-5000ppm -- <8s 0.05±0.01uA/ppm 32g Current1ppm 0-12ppm SO2
MNO-2 0-100ppm 1   year <10s 0.25±0.05uA/ppm 16g Current-- -1-1ppm --
MNO-1 0-100ppm 1   year <10s 0.25±0.05uA/ppm 21g Current-- -1-1ppm --
7NT 0-100ppm 3   years ≤15s 0.55±0.11uA/ppm 17g Current0.5ppm 0-3ppm --
5NF 0-1000ppm 3   years <30s 0.1±0.02uA/ppm 13g Current1ppm 0-12ppm SO2
4NT 0-250ppm 2   years <40s 0.4±0.08uA/ppm 5g Current0.5ppm 0-3ppm --
3NT 0-100ppm 3   years ≤10s 0.55±0.11uA/ppm 22g Current0.5ppm 0-3ppm --
3NF/F 0-1000ppm 3   years ≤25s 0.1±0.02uA/ppm 22g Current1ppm 0-12ppm SO2
3MNF/F 0-5000ppm 3   years <10s 1mV/ppm±5% 38g Voltage1ppm ±1mV SO2

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