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The development status of China

When it comes to industrial measurement, temperature must be a topic that cannot be avoided. The importance of temperature measurement is self-evident, and temperature measurement is required in all walks of life. A long-term temperature, accurate and reliable temperature transmitter is a common requirement of every factory that cares about quality.

   At present, there are many manufacturers of temperature transmitters in the world. The famous ones are Honeywell, Emerson (Rosemount), E+H, Yokogawa, Denmark PR, WIKA and other companies. These companies make temperature transmitters. The history is more than 30 years, and some even more than 50 years. In the past decades of product development and manufacturing, they have done a good job of product quality, from accuracy, stability, anti-interference, high and low temperature drift, etc. , has done well in every way.

   The temperature transmitter is a very common product, but although it is common, there are very few companies that can do it well. There is a lot of knowledge in this. The author has tested various domestic mainstream temperature transmitters, and the unit price has been tested from 50 yuan to 400 yuan. It is found that these temperature transmitters have many shortcomings: poor temperature drift, insufficient accuracy, poor consistency, etc. Wait. Why are these products not working? This is actually caused by the following reasons:

1; It is especially concerned about the cost. For example, for a transmitter of 50 yuan, it is impossible for him to use high-precision resistors. There are many high-precision resistors in a transmitter. For those foreign brands that are well made, the cost of the resistance in the transmitter needs to be 20 More than RMB, plus other components, the cost is more expensive than the domestic selling price, so the domestic product is limited by the first major factor: cost, which limits the quality.

2; The software research and development ability is not good, especially some basic data, which needs to be integrated into the algorithm. The software algorithm here means that our temperature transmitter needs to be compensated for various data in the process of research and development and design. These data Compensation requires a lot of experimentation and time. To do this, one requires talents, and only professional talents can do this experiment and capture these data. Second, it requires a lot of cost. The domestic manufacturers of temperature transmitters have the largest annual sales of only tens of millions. It is difficult to support the cost of talent and experimentation. The best software engineers in China may all be in Internet and game companies, which really limits the development of temperature transmitters and now the development of the automation industry. More nonsense, it is imminent to let high-end talents return to manufacturing and do high-end manufacturing.

3; The development level of analog circuits is not good. Now hardware electronic engineers are used to using various digital chips. The digital interfaces of these chip manufacturers are becoming more and more abundant, so that many electronic engineers have little opportunity to develop with analog circuits. The development level of the circuit is much worse. There is a joke in the industry. It is said that engineers who studied simulation 20 years ago graduated and could not find a good job at all. All recruiting units like to use engineers who are proficient in digital circuits. The more you pay attention, the analog circuit engineer suddenly becomes popular, and the annual salary of a good analog circuit engineer even reaches 1 million. Why is this? Because the chip development industry needs a large number of analog circuit masters. The development of temperature transmission also requires a lot of masters of analog circuits. For example, in the case of high speed without speed limit, driving from Shanghai to Nanjing can take two hours for people with high level, and three hours for people with average level. There is a huge gap in between.

4; The problem of the market, our domestic transmitter manufacturers are too busy, and there are too many manufacturers, causing bad money to drive out good money. Some manufacturers sell a temperature transmitter for 15 yuan, alas, they can make money? No, why do it? But someone is actually doing it! An imported brand transmitter sells for 500 yuan, some of us sell it for 50 yuan, and some people sell it for 15 yuan, there is nothing to say! I appeal to all peers. The first thing we do when making products is to ensure quality. If you have good quality, then optimize costs, such as introducing automated production to reduce labor costs, such as reducing the cost of components through bulk purchases, etc., There are many ways, but don't do things that are shoddy, don't care about quality, do bad things, and do ultra-low prices to hit the market. This is to drink poison to quench thirst.

5; Why are there so many temperature transmitter manufacturers, but none of them can go abroad? We Chinese have a history of producing temperature transmitters for 30 years, is it really impossible? No, because our quality is not good. Colleagues, wake up a little, the market has begun to pursue good products, if you can make products cheap and good, there is definitely a market! And reputation!

When we realized this problem, we started to solve these problems, and the next article will introduce the temperature transmitter and temperature sensor produced by Banning.

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