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NO2 Sensor

Nitrogen dioxide (chemical formula: NO2) is a reddish-brown, pungent odor of harmful gas, easy to dissolve in water, and the formation of nitric acid.As one of the nitrogen oxides, nitrogen dioxide is an important raw material for the industrial synthesis of nitric acid.In addition, nitrogen dioxide can also be used as an oxidant in chemical reactions and rocket fuels, and as a catalyst in the production of sulfuric acid by nitroso method.Manmade nitrogen dioxide is released mainly from high-temperature combustion processes, such as internal combustion engines, thermal power plants and pulping plants.The excess nitrogen dioxide released into the atmosphere is also a cause of air pollution and acid rain.Nitrogen dioxide sensor is mainly used for industrial safety and gas emission, especially for pollutant emission detection. With the increase of national environmental protection, the demand for nitrogen dioxide sensor will increase rapidly.

The nitrogen dioxide sensor USES electrochemical detection principle to measure the current generated by the oxidation or reduction reaction of the gas diffused into the sensor at the induction electrode, so as to measure the concentration of the gas.Among them, the reaction between the induction electrode and the negative electrode constitutes a complete chemical reaction, and the reference electrode stabilizes the electromotive force of the induction electrode.To eliminate gas interference and temperature-induced baseline drift, some models of no2 sensors have filters or a fourth compensating electrode added to ensure stable measurement performance.

ModelRangeService lifeResponse timeSensitivityWeightOutputResolution   radio Baseline   shift Filter
7NO2-20 0-20ppm 2   years ≤30s 0.6±0.15μA/ppm 8g Current0.1ppm 0~-0.5ppm --
4NO2-20 0-20ppm 2   years ≤30s 0.6±0.15μA/ppm 5g Current0.1ppm 0~-0.5ppm --
4NO2-2000 0-2000ppm 2   years ≤60s 0.02±0.01μA/ppm 5g Current5ppm 0~-20ppm --
T3NDH 0...300ppm 2   years <35s -- 58g 4-20mA   d.C 0.1ppm -- N/A
T3ND 0-300ppm 2   years <35s -- 58g 4-20mA   d.C 0.1ppm -- N/A
NO2 3E 50 0-50ppm >24   months<30s 200nA/ppm±40nA/ppm -- Current<0.1ppm -- --
MND-2 0-50ppm 1   year<40s 0.5±0.1uA/ppm 16g Current-- -0.75-0.75ppm --
MND-1S 0-50ppm 1   year<50s 0.5±0.1uA/ppm 21g Current-- -0.75-0.75ppm --
EZT3NDH 5,10,20,50ppm 2   years <40s -- 58g 4-20mA   dc double 0.1ppm -- N/A
7NDH 0-20ppm 2   years <40s 1.4±0.3uA/ppm 17g Current0.1ppm -0.1-0.1ppm --
5ND 0-200ppm 2   years <60s 0.37±0.07uA/ppm 10g Current0.5ppm ±0.5ppm --
4ND 0-20ppm 2   years <25s 0.6±0.15uA/ppm 5g Current0.1ppm -0.2-0.2ppm --
3NDH 0-20ppm 2   years <40s 1.4±0.3uA/ppm 22g Current0.1ppm -0.1-0.1ppm --
3ND 0-1000ppm 2   years <35s 0.37±0.07uA/ppm 22g Current0.5ppm 0-0.2ppm --
3MNDH 0-200ppm 2   years <35s 1mV/ppm±5%   标准 38g Voltage0.1ppm ±1mV N/A

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