Cyclone separator

Cyclone separators are simple and inexpensive dust collection devices for industrial air pollution and are therefore commonly used in many industrial processes. When evaluating the design and performance of a cyclone, engineers typically focus on two parameters: the efficiency of collection of the particles and the pressure drop across the cyclone. Studies on cyclones have shown that at a given pressure drop, particle collection efficiency can be predicted.


The pressure drop of the cyclone can be easily measured and monitored at various stages of operation. Using the pressure drop data collected from BNPTM 303, the user can determine the cyclone entry rate required to meet its desired particle collection efficiency, thereby reducing the cost and process energy requirements. In addition, in addition to monitoring the pressure drop, the BNPTM 303's solid state switching output can also be used to alert the operator if the pressure drop across the cyclone is too large to the normal operating value.

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