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HTD integrated digital display temperature transmitter

HTD is a high performance digital temperature transmitter that provides accurate measurement accuracy, stability and reliability over a large range. The product can easily meet the requirements of stringent temperature measurement applications. With reasonable design and production process, it can achieve excellent performance in various ambient temperatures. The transmitter achieves high overall accuracy even under harsh conditions, so HTD can meet almost all high precision temperature measurement requirements.

1, high precision - RTD digital stability can reach 0.1℃

2, fast response - update time can be as short as 135ms

3, measurement stability - two years of stability does not exceed 0.4% of the range


1, add heat dissipation rod, with excellent heat dissipation performance

2. Integrated structure

3, field connection is convenient

4, easy to install, can work steadily for a long time

5. Simple operation

6. Quick response

7, can be customized according to customer requirements


Range-200℃ ~ 850℃
Power supply12~36V DC
Output signal4~20mA;4~20mA+Hart;RS485
Sensitive elementPt100
Insulation strength100MΩ/250VDC
Long-term stability≤0.2%FS/ year
Thermal response time<135ms
Insertion diameterΦ8mm (special requirements negotiable)
Explosion-proof ratingIntrinsic safety explosion-proof ExiaⅡCT6
Shell protectionIP65
Working environment(1) Ambient temperature: -40℃ ~ 85℃
(2) Relative humidity: 0 ~ 95% RH
(3) Mechanical vibration: f≤55HZ, amplitude < 0.15mm
(4) Power consumption: < 0.5W

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