Hydraulic control molding system

The pressure of the hydraulic system is the working power of the hydraulic actuator and the control power of most hydraulic control components. It exists in the cavity sealed with the hydraulic components and the pipeline connecting the hydraulic components, reflecting the working state of the hydraulic system, which is the whole Important information about the system. Facing the development of sensors to integration, intelligence, miniaturization, serialization and standardization, coupled with its increasingly interface with modern measurement and control technology, computer technology and signal analysis technology, the pressure sensor is in the operation control and state of the hydraulic system. Applications from monitoring, troubleshooting and scientific testing.


  Pressure sensors are mainly used in: supercharger cylinders, superchargers, gas-liquid booster cylinders, gas-liquid booster cylinders, presses and other fields. The closed loop control of the force is usually done by a pressure sensor. But not every pressure sensor in a hydraulic system can do the job. When the control spool suddenly moves, a peak pressure several times the system operating pressure is formed in a short time. In typical mobile machinery and industrial hydraulics, if the design does not consider such conditions, the pressure sensor will soon be destroyed. In addition, the pressure sensor is subjected to uninterrupted pressure pulsation from the hydraulic pump. Although it is not as severe as the pressure peak, long-term work can cause damage to the sensor.

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