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ABP Series Basic Circuit Board Pressure Sensor

Honeywell ABP series basic discharge large silicon piezoresistive pressure sensors provide linear analog and digital pressure outputs over specified ranges and limited temperature ranges.The pressure sensor is calibrated and temperature compensated for zero point, sensitivity and nonlinearity by a special integrated circuit. The calibration update rate of the analog output is 1kHz and the digital output is 2kHz.ABP series pressure sensors are calibrated in the range of 0 to 50℃, and are supplied with 3.3v or 5V single-source dc voltage, which can be used to measure non-corrosive and non-ionic gas (air or other dry gas) gauge pressures. The measured values are related to the reference atmospheric pressure and are proportional to the output.

ABP basic pressure sensor characteristics

1. Industry-leading long-term stability: ±0.25% FSS(full range)

2. Total error band: ±1.5% FSS(full range)

3. Industry-leading accuracy: ±0.25% FSS BFSL(best fitting line)

4. High anti-explosion pressure

5. Wide range: 60mbar to 10bar

6. Internal diagnostic function is optional

7. Output: analog linear, I2C, 14-bit SPI digital output

8. Meet REACH and RoHS standards

9. Temperature output

10. Sleep mode

ModelRangeOutput modeMeasurement   typeAmplification/Temperature   compensation/CalibrationOperating   temperatureInstallation
ABP series1psi-150psiAnalog / I2C / SPIGauge pressure /   Differential pressureY/Y/Y -40℃~85℃DIP/SMT

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