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BNLT261 Level Sensor

BNLT261 metal armoured liquid level transmitter by high-performance diffused silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor as a measuring element, is proportional to the depth of the liquid level of the hydrostatic pressure measured accurately, and through the signal conditioning circuit is converted into standard (current or voltage) signal output, establish the output signal and the depth of the liquid, the linear relation between implementation on the depth of liquid measurement.The installation flange can be customized, and the cable is enclosed in armored stainless steel tube with reliable material, which is suitable for liquid level measurement and control in petroleum, chemical industry, power plant, urban water supply and hydrologic exploration fields.After long-term aging and stability screening, the product performance is stable and the seal is reliable, which can be applied to the outdoor site with poor environment, and the liquid level can be displayed on the site, zero point, full range migration.


1. Diffusion silicon piezoresistive sensor

2. Probe into the measurement mode, easy to install

3. Customized flange

4. Full metal armor, high strength steel tube structure

5. Multiple protection structure design, high protection ability

6. Liquid crystal display is available

7. Choose anticorrosive stainless steel material, suitable for a variety of occasions

Electrical parameters

Scale range0m~0.5m…200m H₂O
Power supply24V、12V
Output signal4~20mA、1~5V、0~5V
Working temperature-20℃~85℃
Medium temperature-20℃~100℃
Storage temperature-40℃~125℃
Compensation   temperature0m~10m H₂O:0℃~60℃
10m~200m H₂O:-10℃~70℃
Zero temperature drift±1.5%FS(compensation temperature range)
Sensitivity drift±1.5%FS(compensation temperature range)
Mechanical vibration20g(20~5000HZ)
Comprehensive accuracylevel 0.5
Insulation resistance200MΩ /250VDC
Response time≤1ms(rise to 90%FS)
Long-term stability±0.2%FS/year
Protection gradeIP68
MaterialJunction box low copper aluminum alloy;The level   probe is all stainless steel
Flange all stainless   steel
Medium compatibleA variety of media compatible with 304 stainless   steel

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