PD610 Pressure Sensor

PD610 differential pressure transmitter is assembled by OEM silicon piezoresistive differential pressure oil filled core.The shell is all stainless steel structure, with strong corrosion resistance. The two pressure interfaces are threaded connections, which can be installed directly on the measuring pipe or connected through the pressure pipe.

PD610 series has standard voltage and current output, which can be easily installed and used. It is widely used in process control, aviation, aerospace, automobile, medical equipment, HVAC and other fields, such as differential pressure, liquid level and flow measurement and control.


1. 316L stainless steel isolation diaphragm structure

2. Measure the differential pressure

3. Easy installation

4. The zero and full range can be externally adjusted

5. With short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection

6. Anti impact, anti vibration, anti electromagnetic compatibility

7. It can be customized according to customer requirements

Electrical parameters

Scale range0~20kPa…2.5MPa
Static pressure20MPa(Max.)
Pressure typeDifferential   pressure          
Power supply24VDC、12VDC
Output signal4~20mA、1~5V、0~5V
Working temperature-20℃~85℃
Medium temperature-20℃~85℃
Storage temperature-40℃~125℃
Zero temperature drift±1.5%FS(@-20℃~85℃)
Sensitivity drift±1.5%FS(@-20℃~85℃)
Pressure overload150%FS
Mechanical vibration20g(20~5000HZ)
Comprehensive accuracy0.5 level
Insulation resistance100MΩ/250VDC
Response time≤1ms(rise to 90%FS)
Long-term stability±0.2%FS/year
Protection gradeIP65
MaterialShell low copper aluminum alloy;Isolation diaphragm   316L
Medium compatibleCompatible with 316L stainless steel
Static pressure influence±0.5% FS(@1MPa)

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