PTM90 monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitter

PTM90 monocrystalline silicon pressure sensor adopts MEMS monocrystalline silicon pressure chip imported from Germany to achieve international leading overpressure performance and ensure excellent signal stability. It is assembled using a fully welded sealed structure and filled with silicone oil under high vacuum. The material of the measuring diaphragm can isolate the measured medium from the pressure chip, and at the same time enable the sensor to perform long-term and reliable measurement of the differential pressure signals of various strongly corrosive media.

1、Adopt German imported MEMS monocrystalline silicon pressure chip

2、With overload protection

3、316L stainless steel all-welded integrated structure4、Gauge type can be used for negative pressure measurement5、Suitable for various threaded shells


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Constant pressure
Operating temperature  
Storage temperature  
Output voltage  
Zero temperature drift
Temperature hysteresis
±0.1%FS(sensor range ≥10kPa)

±0.5%FS(sensor range ≥10kPa)
Pressure lag  
Long-term drift  
±0.5%FS(sensor range <10kPa)±1.5%FS(sensor range <10kPa)
Maximum overpressure  
See range selection  
Diaphragm material  
316L, Hastelloy C  

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