BNPC20 Pressure Core

BNPC20 temperature and pressure integrated core is built on BNPC10 with platinum resistance to realize the synchronous measurement of pressure and temperature to meet the need of simultaneous measurement of pressure and temperature or further temperature compensation of sensor.


1. Integrated core with temperature and pressure

2. High reliable imported pressure chip

3. Wide temperature compensation and constant current power supply

4.Small volume, easy to install and use

5.Compensation board irrigation glue, excellent moisture resistance

6. Standard OEM pressure sensitive components

7. All 316L stainless steel

8. Tantalum film and ha 'ite alloy C structure are optional

9.High performance, all solid state, high reliability

10.18-month warranty period

Electrical performance index

Scale   range-100KPa~0~10KPa…100Mpa
Pressure   type-50~125℃
Power   supplyGauge pressure, absolute pressure, sealing pressure
Input impedanceConstant current power supply: 1.5mA is   recommended;Constant voltage power supply: 10V is recommended
Bridge   resistance3KΩ~6KΩ
Electrical connectionsSilica gel flexible   conductor
Compensated temperature range -10~70℃(constant current);-20~85℃(constant   pressure)
Operating temperature range-45~125℃
Storage temperature range-40~125℃    
Insulation resistance≥ 250Ω/250VDC  
Response time≤1ms(Rise to 90%FS)
Pressure mediumAll liquids and gases   compatible with stainless steel
Mechanical vibration20g(20-5000HZ)
Service life10×106 (cycles)

Structural performance index

Diaphragm materialStainless steel316L
Shell materialStainless steel316L
Perfusion liquidSilicone oil
Sealing ringCyanogen butadiene or fluoro rubber

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