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Tunnel shield machine

The shield machine, the full name is the shield tunneling machine, is a special engineering machine for tunneling. The modern shield tunneling machine integrates light, machine, electricity, liquid, sensing and information technology, and has excavation cutting soil. Body, conveying soil, assembling tunnel lining, measuring guiding and correcting, etc., involving geology, civil engineering, mechanics, mechanics, hydraulics, electrical, control, measurement and other multi-disciplinary technologies, and according to different geology for "tailor-made" Design and manufacture, reliability requirements. Shield tunneling machines have been widely used in subway, railway, highway, municipal, hydropower and other tunnel projects.


The shield machine is a new equipment widely used in tunnel construction in China. It is gradually replacing the mining method based on manual construction. However, the high degree of automation of the shield machine also poses technical challenges for maintenance personnel. If the electrical control circuit of the shield machine is likened to the nerve of the shield machine, the shield machine’s sensor are the nerve ending, which senses the machine state of the shield machine, provides information to the maintenance personnel, and guarantees the shield machine. The normal working state.

The following sensors are mainly used on the shield machine: pressure sensor, temperature sensor, magneto strictive sensor, tuning fork level sensor, proximity sensor, differential pressure sensor, flow sensor, displacement sensor, tilt sensor, and the like. Here we mainly introduce the application of pressure sensors.

There are three main types of pressure sensors for shield machines: earth pressure sensors, grouting pressure sensors, and oil pressure sensors. Mainly used in the hydraulic system of the shield machine, cooling water system and foaming agent system, grease injection system.

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