T710 Intelligent Temperature Switch

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T710 electronic digital display temperature switch is an intelligent digital display pressure measurement and control product integrating temperature measurement, display, output and control. The product is a fully electronic structure, the front end uses a PT100 high-precision temperature sensor, the output signal is processed by the preamplification circuit, sent to the high-precision A/D converter, processed by an advanced industrial-grade microprocessor, displayed on site, and output 2 switching values to detect and control the temperature of the control system.


1. High switching accuracy

2. Adjustable response time

3, NPN, PNP compatible, can be freely switched.

4, key adjustment, quick key to zero, quick unit switching.

5. OLED display current pressure

6. Light emitting tube of node action is convenient for observation.

Electrical parameters

Measuring range-50℃~200℃ (-58℉~392℉)
Display unit℃/℉
Electrical connectorM12×1 round plug
Power supply12~30V ,24V is recommended
Display method4-digit OLED display
Output methodTwo-way switch, NPN, PNP compatible +4~20mA
Load capacity≤24V 1.2A
Power consumption≤15mA
Medium temperature-50℃~200℃
Operating temperature-25℃~80℃
Storage temperature-40℃~100℃
Response time≤20ms
Protection levelIP65
Shell material304 Stainless steel
Media compatibleWetted diaphragm 316L, pressure inlet 304
Panel materialPA66

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