Inertial navigation sensor

The vehicle travel attitude sensor or TARS-IMU is a packaged sensor set designed to measure vehicle acceleration, angular rate and tilt in heavy-duty and off-road applications. The TARS-IMU enables autopilot functionality by monitoring vehicle motion and communicating these vital data. For different specific applications, users can customize the sensor fusion algorithm using onboard firmware. The TARS-IMU offers two power modes that are compatible with both 5V and 9~36V automotive power systems and incorporates the standard CAN J1939 data communication interface. All products are airborne tested and calibrated before leaving the factory to ensure consistency between equipment.

product features

1. High-performance IMU module 2

2. Sturdy PBT thermoplastic package, designed for high standards of application and environment (IP67 and IP69K certification)

3. Advanced sensor data filtering technology reduces noise and vibration and improves positioning accuracy

4. Optional metal protection type

5. Support 5V and 9~36V automotive power system

6. The working temperature range -40 ~ 85 ° C

7. Reduced power consumption

8. Small package size

ModelRangeOutput modeSupply powerOperation   temperature
TARS-HCASS±8g/±245/sCAN J19399-36V -40-85℃

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