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TT100 DIP switch type intelligent temperature transmitter

The TT100 is a two-wire temperature transmitter that sets the measuring range through a dial switch, and also has a PC programmable function. It can accept thermal resistance signal input, linearize the input signal, output 4~20mA standard signal, and transmit it to DCS, PLC and other system control equipment;


1、Circuit design using lightning protection and electrical fast transient (burst group) interference

2、Ultra-low power design of internal circuit

3、Adjust the position of the DIP switch to adjust the range

4、With PC programmable function

Performance parameter

Configuration methodDIP switch + PC programmable (Dual mode)
Power supply debuggingNo need
Input signalPt100、 Cu50、Pt1000
Measuring range  -200...+850℃  
Conversion accuracy≤0.2% or 0.2K
Output signal  Analog 4~20mA (two-wire system)
Alarm  When the sensor is faulty (open circuit or short circuit), the output drops to ≤3.6mA or the output rises to ≥21.5mA
Maximum load(V power supply-9V) / 0.025A (output current)
Voltage   9-30V DC
Response time1S  
Lightning protection±4000V (≤5 times)
Anti-burst group±4000V
Anti-radio frequency interference>10V/m(80MHz~1000MHz)
Ambient temperature-40~+85℃
Temperature drift0.008%FS1/℃
Long-term stability ≤0.1℃/year or 0.05%/year

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