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BAFS5019A mass gas flow sensor

BAFS5019A digital gas flow sensor


      BAFS5019A mass gas flow sensor is a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) flow sensor chip production, is suitable for various purposes of cleaning, small relatively dry gas flow measurement and process control, unique packaging technology makes the product to meet different range of flow measurement, to ensure the high sensitivity, high reliability, high stability and low cost.

      BAFS5019A series products are based on MEMS traffic sensing unit, high precision digital processing and calibration circuit (MCU) composition, integrated high-resolution Delta-σ A/D converter and have internal calibration function Qun circuit and MCU processor together to ensure that the sensor signal real-time effective acquisition, obtain accurate traffic signal, And the corresponding compensation algorithm is processed internally, so there is no need to do any external calibration compensation, can ensure high precision flow output; Friendly digital output communication line, users can get corresponding data and information very easily; Product application range is very broad.


  • High accuracy (1.5% F.S accuracy)
  • Linear output and no temperature compensation
  • Maintain long term stability with minimum zero drift
  • Fast response time
  • Wide flow rate range 0~60m/s, impact resistance 100g
  • Solid sensing core (no surface cavities or fragile film), resistant to clogging and pressure impact
  • Analog output (1-5 V) (digital RS485 communication output can be provided)
  • Can be adapted to the relative humidity gas measurement
  • The sensor is resistant to condensation


Flow range0~300/500/600/800/1000 slpm(customizable)  
Power supply 8~24VDC,50mA
Precision ±1.5%FS
Response time20ms
Maximum pressure0.8MPa(customizable)
Communication methodsI2C/RS485(MODBUS)
Output way  Analog output 1~5VDC
Working temperature-25℃~85℃
Storage temperature-40℃~90℃
Medium temperature-10℃~65℃
Environment temperature-25℃~85℃
Interface  G3/4(customizable)    
Protection gradeIP40
Calibration mode Air, 0℃, 101.325kPa
Material Stainless steel (Aluminum alloy optional)

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