The ultrasonic sensor of Banning Sensor analyzes the status quo of the ultrasonic sensor industry in China

Banning Sensor lasted 3 years, after hundreds of experiments, finally mass production of ultrasonic sensor, can not say that our model has reached a world-class level, at least is the best domestic counterparts. Our ultrasonic sensors are in the performance comparison test of German brands such as P + F, and have been very close to them in various indicators, even more than the products of P + F and other brands.

First of all, let's talk about the composition of the R&D team of this product line. The leader of this team is a doctor of acoustics from a top domestic university, and is good at small signal processing and algorithm optimization. They have more than 20 years of research on acoustic sensors, and other team members have more than 10 years of research experience in software and hardware development in the sensor industry. In the process of developing this product, we made use of our industry knowledge to understand the pain points of the industry and made the product very stable.

Current domestic status of industrial ultrasonic sensor: Due to the small market, few domestic sensor companies invest resources for development, 90% of the ultrasonic sensors that can be bought on the market are imported products, these imported products are almost foreign brands ten or even twenty years ago to develop technology, domestic almost no one decent ultrasonic sensor products, causing this situation should be quite many reasons, Personally, I think there are the following aspects:

1, first of all, there are too few sensor R&D personnel in China. Ultrasonic sensor is a very minority product in the sensor category, and there are even fewer R&D personnel, which will hardly be paid attention to by everyone.

2, many domestic peers do most of the sensors are to buy kits home assembly, and no research and development strength, also do not want to invest too much research and development, because research and development sensor is too expensive, the income is relatively low, and the market is particularly slow, resulting in everyone is willing to make fast money;

3, ultrasonic sensor is a multidisciplinary sensor, in fact, pressure sensor is also a multidisciplinary sensor, but why so many do pressure sensor, few do ultrasonic? Because all the components of the pressure sensor have been made by professional companies, the chip of the pressure sensor basically comes from those few companies, the processing circuit of the pressure sensor, there are also a few companies delay the economical solution, even the pressure sensor shell has a professional company to mass produce, ultrasonic sensor is not. Ultrasonic sensor companies first need to get through the transducer, this is not a standard product, not a supplier can buy parts, need their own research and development personnel, secondly is the processing circuit of ultrasonic sensor, because every ultrasonic transducer has a huge gap, which requires very high requirements for processing circuit, hardware and software combination, Basically every kind of ultrasonic sensor circuit inside the algorithm is different, which puts forward huge requirements for product development. However, is the ultrasonic sensor market really small enough to do and do not matter the stage? Of course not. Looking at the ultrasonic companies around the world, there are some companies specializing in the production of ultrasonic sensors. These companies do not do other products except ultrasonic sensors. The company also has only ultrasonic sensors, which are doing exceptionally well. We need a real ultrasonic sensor company with independent intellectual property rights in China. In this case, the ultrasonic sensor produced by Banning sensor fills the gap. The ultrasonic sensor of Banning sensor will provide products and services to customers at home and abroad with excellent performance, stable quality and favorable price.

Here, I also call, domestic peers, we need to invest more energy and money in sensor research and development, of course, if you need ultrasonic sensor, please contact us, we must be your best choice, not only quality, performance, function, and beautiful price.

Ultrasonic sensor has a wide range of application prospects, such as the object in place detection, the field is not convenient to use the photoelectric switch, ultrasonic sensor is a good choice. Such as ranging, in the absence of the use of contact ranging products, and the use of optical products, ultrasonic sensors are also a good choice. Such as transparent object detection, ultrasonic sensor is a very good choice. For example, for the detection of uneven surface objects, you can also choose ultrasonic. Ultrasonic sensor can not only ranging, but also can be used for the detection of objects, is a good supplement to industrial detection sensors.

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