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Blockbuster release: Ultra-high precision pressure sensor

As we all know, in the field of pressure sensors, Chinese enterprises started late, especially high-precision pressure sensors, mainly by several European and American companies monopolized, the sales price of these European and American enterprises is also very high, selling more than ten thousand, or even tens of thousands of yuan, and the delivery time is very long. For a long time, domestic users, due to the needs of applications, need high-precision pressure sensors, can only accept the ultra-high prices and ultra-long delivery periods of European and American brands.

Banning (Nanjing) Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. released Kindustry series of ultra-high precision pressure sensors, the accuracy of up to five parts (0.05%), this technology to break foreign monopoly, made a major breakthrough, the series of high-precision pressure sensors have been applied in national laboratories, test platforms, instrumentation and other fields.

Banning (Nanjing) Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development, production, manufacturing of sensors, with independent intellectual property rights of ASIC processing chips and compensation software, the current product line includes: Pressure sensor, current sensor, temperature sensor, radar level meter, PM2.5 sensor, liquid level sensor, inertial measurement unit (attitude sensor), etc., the products are used in all walks of life.

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